Message Monitor

The MsgMon module is a programmers’ tool. Working with Reporter, from Chris Morison and Martin Avison, it allows the details of any Wimp messages passing between applications on the system to be viewed on the screen in real time.

[MsgMon Screenshot]

MsgMon output in Reporter

Control is given over which messages are recorded, and once in Reporter the details can be processed and saved in the usual way. Output from MsgMon can co-exist with other software using Reporter.

Download MsgMon
MsgMon is released under Version 1.2 of the European Union Public Licence. Its source code can be found on GitHub.

In order to use MsgMon, you will require:

  • a minimum of RISC OS 3.10, and
  • Reporter, which can be obtained from Martin Avison.

Version History

1.00 (20 May 2010)

First public release.

1.01 (22 May 2010)

Update to first public release.

  • String copies terminate on NULL or LF to correctly handle the full range of task names returned by the Task Manager.

1.02 (12 July 2013)

Update to first public release.

  • Port from ExtBasAsm to ObjAsm/Asasm and restructure for cross-assembly.
  • Fix broken workspace structure and remove unused memory allocations.
  • Replace all non-X SWIs and fix error handling.
  • Check for ARMv7 compatibility.

1.03 (1 September 2014)

Update to first public release.

  • Correctly terminate module title string.
  • Correct 32-bit detection in exit code.

1.04 (30 August 2020)

Update to first public release.

  • Licence updated to EUPL v1.2.
  • *MsgMonAddMsg and *MsgMonRemoveMsg can take message names as well as numbers.
  • Wrap message body lines in double-quotation marks to resolve problems with Reporter interpreting \ characters.
  • Replace " with . in ASCII display, to avoid catching Reporter out.