This page contains some software that I and others have written for RISC OS Computers. Most of the programs here are released as Freeware: that is they can freely be downloaded and copied as long as they remain intact and unaltered. Please read the license included with each archive for more details. If you wish to distribute any of these more widely (for example a PD library or a magazine cover disc) please contact me first so that I can ensure that you get the most recent version.

If you find anything here useful (or otherwise), please email me and let me know. I'm happy to receive bug reports and suggestions for improvements: my email address is at the bottom of this page and can also be found in the help file of every application.

All the software here needs RISC OS to run: if you are using any other operating system it will be no use to you. More information about the RISC OS operating system can be found on the RISC site.

While most of the titles here should work on all versions of RISC OS, more detailed information about compatibility can be found below.


An application written by Gavin Wraith and myself for Archive magazine. It searches the magazine and disc index files that are supplied on the monthly discs and is supplied on the Archive CD with the full indexes.

Build Tools

The tools and libraries required to build the other software on this website from source.


CashBook is a home accounts manager, which can keep track of income and expenditure across multiple accounts, using analysis headings to group transactions together. It features support for recurring transactions, budgeting and reporting.

Clipboard & IcnClipBrd

IcnClipBrd is a module written by Thomas Leonard to allow the global clipboard to be used in writable icons. It is used by the Clipboard utility, which allows access to the clipboard contents from the desktop. The 32-bit conversion found here was done by myself.

Floating Help

A replacement for the Help application that gives help in small 'floating' panes that follow the mouse. Fully supports the Interactive Help protocol, including the extra expansions that come with RISC OS 3.5 or later.

Games and Sillies

Some games and sillies that I have written over the years; most of the games play on the desktop, making them a good way to pass the time while not doing something else.


A comprehensive disc indexer that allows catalogues to be stored and viewed through an interface similar to the filer. Searching is possible, even through whole collections of index files.


A file search utility, that allows objects to be found that match criteria based on their name (including wildcards), size, date of modification, type, attributes and contents.

Miscellaneous Items

A collection of odds and ends which do not fit into any of the other sections on this site.


A small utility for programmers, which works with Martin Avison's Reporter to display the Wimp messages being passed around the system.


Although not on this site, I have contributed some code to the RISC OS front-end of the NetSurf web browser. Licensed under the GPL, it provides an efficient, compact and standards compliant cross-platform browser – see the project's own website for more information.


A front-end to GhostScript, allowing documents to be 'printed' directly to PDF from RISC OS applications.

Sudoku 2

A utility to create and solve Sudoku puzzles, written by Derek Baron and hosted here on his behalf.


A anniversary database, originally written by James Miskin and now maintained by myself.

Desktop Utilities

A collection of small applications, modules and patches that aim to make using the desktop nicer – honest.

Test Builds

Development test builds of some of the software from this site can be found on the test builds page. Users who wish to help with the development of these applications are encouraged to download copies, test them on their systems and provide feedback and bug reports.


As far as is possible, the software on this site should work with any version of RISC OS although inevitably there will be some incompatibilities. It is not possible to test each title on every combination of OS and hardware, so user feedback in the event of problems is welcomed.


Many of the titles here should still work on RISC OS 3. Support for RISC OS 3.1 is now limited, and may be dropped on updates where additional work would be required to retain it. RISC OS 3.5 and on are more likely to be OK, but in some cases a copy of the Nested Wimp and/or the Castle 32-bit Shared C Library will be required.

RISC OS 4.02

All of the software on this site should run on RISC OS 4.02, although it is no longer directly tested. The Castle 32-bit Shared C Library is required for some items.

RISC OS 4 Select/Adjust

As with RISC OS 4.02, all the software here should work correctly on RISC OS 4 Select/Adjust. The Castle 32-bit Shared C Library is required for some items, which may cause problems on earlier Select releases.


With the exception of clearly marked items which are either not required on the new OS, or which I can no longer maintain, all of the software here is developed and tested on RISC OS 5. Items marked as "26-bit only" will not work.


Regrettably, it is not possible for me to test or support software on RISC OS 6. While most items should be OK, operation of those titles requiring the Castle 32-bit Shared C Library are not known. Items marked as "26-bit only" will not work on 32-bit versions of RISC OS 6 (eg. on the A9home).

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