WinEd is a template editor, whose founding aim was “to do everything which TemplEd could do, only better!”. It was originally written by Tony Houghton, who developed it until version 2.87 in 2003. Details of this version can be found on the archive of Tony’s site. Development was then picked up by Adam Richardson, who continued to maintain and improve WinEd until the release of version 3.22a in 2009. Details of Adam’s versions can be found on his website; the major releases were provided via PackMan, and also made available to download.

In common with most modern template editors, WinEd allows the windows contained within a Templates file to be accessed via a browser window.

[Browser Screenshot]

Browsing the windows in a Templates file

Once a window is opened for editing, the various functions are accessible via a toolbar attached to the edge. WinEd has two modes of operation: in ‘edit’ mode icons and window furniture are always visible and selectable, while in ‘preview’ mode they will behave completely as they are defined to do. This makes the editing process much easier to carry out.

[Editor Screenshot]

A window template open for editing

An icon picker provides a selection of ready-made Style Guide compliant icons which can be dragged in to windows for use.

[Icon Picker Screenshot]

The icon picker contains common icons, ready for use

WinEd has its own page on RISC, which should be viewed as the place to bookmark for updates.

This page provides a – possibly temporary – home from which to download versions of WinEd which have been built more recently than those mentioned above. Primarily intended to solve issues on modern hardware, further development of features might be considered if there is interest.

WinEd 3.25 and 3.27 both make non-backwards compatible changes to the configuration files. They will load existing saved options from earlier versions of WinEd, but choices saved from them will not load back into those earlier versions including 3.20 and 3.23. It might be advisable to take a backup copy of the files from within the Choices:WinEd folder if you plan to return to an earlier version of the software.

The changes in 3.27 have been made so that choices are saved in a more flexible, text-based format. This should reduce the need to make similar breaking changes in the future.

Download WinEd
WinEd is released under Version 2 of the GNU General Public Licence. Its source code can be found on GitHub, and copies can also be obtained from PackMan or the PlingStore.

In order to use WinEd, you will require:

  • a minimum of RISC OS 4.02, and
  • the 32-bit Shared C Library (version 5.43 or later), which is a standard part of RISC OS 5 and can be obtained for other systems as part of the System Resources download from RISC OS Open Ltd.

Version history

The version history of WinEd back to version 3.23 is as follows:

3.27 (27 April 2024)

3.26 (29 August 2020)

3.25 (28 July 2020)

3.23 (17 June 2020)